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I've decided to update this more often...with rants, happiness and future troubles...cause well, myspace sucks and I refuse to leave journal entries on it.

So, right now, I'm sitting here listening to music, just got done playing a game, and i've spent all morning thinking about shit, Phil wakes me up this morning to tell me of his adventures in life, which is cool and all...but sleep man, I couldn't get back to sleep because of it.

I'd go looking for a job, but considering I start school in January, I don't want to...although I wouldn't mind having something to do. I really am thinking about things too much, I just need to get into a robotic trance of doing something that has really no meaning at all, and video games aren't gonna cut it.

It's nice being single again, although I do miss some of the attributes of a know, constant sex, and someone to hold close when watching a movie...someone to talk to about your most intimate details and secrets...but you don't need to be in a relationship for those things. Unless ofcourse you're me, and not good enough for casual anything...but i'm definately long term material..atleast that's the way it seems and works out.

Anyway, i've decided my goals for the upcoming future, december 17th, get certed in CPR. Jan 10th start EMT school, march 21st finish EMT school, sometime after that, i'd like to go on a trip, possibly a roadtrip with some friends...if I can get some friends to go. after the trip, start applying to work at different ambulance companies, and/or hospitals. After working a few months, hopefully have enough money saved to go out and rent a place of my own...not like where i'm living is so's just I want to have my own pad, where my friends and I can all hang out. After that, depending on how work goes and what not, I will start on Paramedic school after about a year, and we'll see what goes from there.

Also over the course of the next year and some, I will be hoping to attend various events, concerts and clubs and will tell you about those when the time comes along.

Until next time
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