Rich (maniakal) wrote,


Life is what i would call a waste, people live and die everyday. you can physcically live, but to truly live to have an emotional experience that is worth while. to lie, cheat,deceive through your life, is truly a grounds to be destroyed. My personal experience leaves me to say, always be faithful no matter what, do not lie, cheat or use who you care for, in the end everyone will be hurt, do not try to take someone from who they love, once again everyone will be hurt, i am now in the dark, alone, full of disappointment,hate,anger and sadness. at first it might all seem good and dandy, but after you fail, there is only torment. The feeling makes you think, why live my life if all i will have is torment and suffering. The courage is shown when yuo die, i do hope that day comes forth. i will greet death as a friend and offer no fight. eventually everyone will understand, we all must die. But how you live your life is a determining factor. live your life how you want. because in the end we are truly alone, you are your greatest friend and your greatest enemy. pain and suffering is all we live at the dont lose your friends, for they are all you have til you die..than you have only yourself. My pain is, ive lost two people i care for, and my suffering is the torment i have to face because of what i have done wrong, for i am not good enough as a person, for anyone. so i ask you, what is the point of living, for i am useless, i welcome death to ease my pain and suffering, but i do not search for him.
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